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Oliver Holt is The True Enemy of Football – Part I

Loathe him or ignore him there is no doubt over the bias of The Daily Mail Chief Sports Writer Oliver Holt’s coverage of #ManchesterUnited and specifically his hatred towards the Red Devils’ manager #JoseMourinho.

Arguably, there are two public figures currently contesting the top spot for their publicly questionable opinions. One is Donald Trump and the second is none other than Oliver Holt whose entry in Wikipedia underscores his journalistic bias.

A graduate of Cardiff School of Journalism, one wonders if Holt learned anything about objective reporting or at least some semblance of objectivity.

Oliver Holt has written for a long time and continues his “journalism” in an age of newspaper decline, the International News Corporation phone hacking scandal, and click-baiting.

Sensational reporting generates internet traffic and revenue without care for facticity or veracity. Bad News is as good a synonym for Fake News as Oliver Holt is for Bad Journalism.

In October 2017, Oliver Holt labels Jose Mourinho as “the enemy of football” because “Mourinho approached this match as if he were taking his team to face Lionel Messi and Barcelona in the Nou Camp.”

Holt’s statement -or “journalistic” analysis-is blinded by his appreciation for “attacking” football. More on Oliver’s preoccupation with ‘attacking’ football in Part II. Not only was Holt critical of Mourinho, one could reasonably see he was just as insulting towards Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. Denigrating Liverpool as beneath Barcelona, though is true in terms of trophies, does not mask away the disdain towards Jose as someone who could easily go to Anfield  and trounce the Meyerside team like a bunch of amateurs.

Manchester City, currently the club Oliver supports, went to Anfield and suffered a 4-3 clubbing by the same Liverpool team that was “hardly riding the crest of a wave.”

Oliver Holt hastes in his judgement of Jose Mourinho and is quick to rip into the United manager – all out of biased journalism.

Take again this article where Oliver writes “If I were Ed Woodward, I’d start looking over my shoulders” in relation to Mourinho.

Oliver admits he doesn’t like Mourinho. And he doesn’t seem to like Ed Woodward either by writing “The Manchester United executive vice-chairman is a little boy operating in a man’s world. He is a neophyte who is way out of his depth. He wears the expression of the cat who got the cream, even as his club’s city rivals show him how it’s done.”

If that is not insult, it certainly is desperate and sensational journalism.

One needn’t wait too long, again, for these statements to prove their short-sidedness and inaccuracies. Manchester United’s hijacking of the Alexis Sanchez deal between Arsenal and Manchester City is already being hailed as the deal of the century by United fans.

Manchester City were sure to get their target man since the summer. Alas, it only took United nearly as much time as God’s creation of the universe to sign a player Pep was intent on hoarding to his team. As a #7 with Arsenal, we have to wonder if Alexis could end up wearing #27 given Sterling is the #7 and De Bruyne the #17. A player of Alexis Sanchez’s caliber deserves more than a third rank spot!

In reporting about Mourinho and Manchester United, Oliver has no direct access besides sitting at the gallery with other reporters during a pre-match or post-match conferences. So in general, he relies on his biasedly interpreted recordings or selective tidbits that fit the narrative of his stories which are peppered with disclaimers such as Mourinho is a winning manager.

Oliver Holt himself said Sir Alex Ferguson “didn’t like” him. So Quite the history he’s had with United.

… More to follow in Part II


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