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Arsenal F.C. in Tatters with Alexis Sanchez & Theo Walcott Departures

Skysports News just confirmed Theo Walcott will be an Angry Birds player for a bargain price tag of £20 million within 48 hours.

Theo Walcott is scheduled for

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Mourinho’s Manchester finally United

Today – doubtlessly & assuradely – Pogba & Zlatan showcased the missing elements in what is Manchester United’s best team of the season Continue reading “Mourinho’s Manchester finally United”

Effort : the Stuff of Talent

Talent owes effort.

Talent is nothing more than effort realized into the penultimate form of its expression.

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“Why Write?” Not Another Sappy Confession…

The sappiness that goes with “why write?” is neither bad nor unnatural. It’s part of the writing process, whether the writer is starting out or a craft-master.

So why write?

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Why books are NOT better than movies

Don’t we often hear books are better than movies?

Yet seldom do we hear the reverse: “books are not better than movies” … “movies are better than books!” If you think we got our heads stuck in a movie…

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White House Hit Wonder Sean Spicer Quits

Sean Spicer – better know by his stage name “Spicey”- will be forever missed. He entertained us in unimaginable ways. He inspired headlines, reinvigorated morning talk shows, and scripted Saturday Night Live’s Neilson ratings.

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