@martinkeown5 #Biased #Alexis7 & Manchester United #Punditry Got Called Out!

Martin Keown gets called out for his biased punditry on Alexis Sanchez’s move to Manchester United.

But the little details from Yeovil’s match up against Manchester United in fourth round of the FA Cup speaks volume.

In an August 2017 interview with PippaTube, Keown praises Sanchez as the only then-Arsenal player who could land a spot in Arsenal’s invincibles squad.

Because “he ticks a lots of boxes … He’s tenacious. He’s sort of a little big man who wants to fight people and improve. If he wants to prove he’s good enough to go elsewhere, let him do that but in an Arsenal shirt and we get the profit and the benefit of that. And maybe a trophy to boot.”

Fast forward to Alexis Sanchez’s first Manchester United FA Cup game against Yeovil in January 2018, and Martin flip flops in his commentary.

Alexis Sanchez Dons the Legendary Manchester United number 7 Shirt
Alexis Sanchez Dons the Legendary Manchester United number 7 Shirt. Courtesy ManUtd.com


@2:50: “It’s intriguing to see how Sanchez will do, will get on with Mourinho. How he’s going to play him. Yeovil will be quite happy to see him dropping deep, because it’s something he did at Arsenal a lot when he was frustrated and couldn’t get the ball. He played quite deep, but of course an outstanding player.”

Thoughtlessly, Keown criticized Alexis Sanchez for dropping deep to partake in defensive work near the half line and ready for an attacking transition.

Below is the sequence of the match that did not call for Keown’s nonsensical punditry.

Keown was satisfied talking about Sanchez’s frustrating moments at Arsenal, when he could’ve paid more attention analyzing the transition phases of the actual game.

Alexi Sanchez A Red Devil Fighting for Manchester United
Alexi Sanchez A Red Devil Fighting for Manchester United. Courtesy ManUtd.com

Alexis Sanchez helped Manchester United in both the defensive and attacking phases of the match. Keown seemed to focus his pundit energy on jabbing little snarls at Sanchez.

“I felt he [Sanchez] seemed destined to go there [City], then right at the death he goes to Manchester United. Of course it’s a fantastic club, but the money they’ve offered him this man [Mourinho] knows  he didn’t want him to go to City. And fair play to them [Manchester United] City are going to have all the best players if he [Sanchez] went there as well. It makes for a better Premier League I feel if he goes to United, but surely I thought City were the better team.”

Keown simply wants Sanchez to go to Manchester City because they are a good team. He forgot Manchester United offered a much better transfer package to Arsenal than City. Arsenal is indebted to United for getting them out of a transfer crisis. A simple point that eluded the “invincible” pundit.

Manchester City is this season’s fad, much like Chelsea was last season.

No one should be surprised if Keown sings a different tune next season – or even in next few months.

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