Mourinho Praises Luke Shaw as THE Best Full Left-Back There Is!

Incredible tabloids like The Sun, The Daily Mail, Metro, The Daily Star, sensationalize everything from the mundane to the grotesque in search for the best click-baiting headlines to hook online surfers.

April of 2017 The Daily Mail prophetically declared “there’s surely no chance the defender will be at Manchester United next season” because Shaw fell off Manchester United’s Starting XI pegging order.

Jose Mourinho has been critical of Luke Shaw’s performances last season, and questioned the left back’s commitment, work rate, fitness, and game.

Mourinho – The Silverware Hunter- is a bad looser. And rightly so! Absent his hardworking winning mentality, it’d be difficult to imagine Jose with a collection of European and National trophies over years of management that see no stopping in the near future. Alas! It’d be a wonder to imagine the existence of a Jose Mourinho in the football world at all.

This mentality drives his players to push their limits or find the exit.


Today was a moment of truth with Jose Mourinho announcing Luke Shaw as the best Left Back there is, not just in the Premier League.

It’s fair to say Jose’s man-management evinces suspicion and elicits sharp criticism from fans, tabloids, and players. His managerial methods are scrutinized and lamented against for publicly dressing down adult players.

However, those who have followed Jose Mourinho since his appointment to Manager at Old Trafford can attest to his varied approach in handling different personalities under his watch. He praised Marcus Rashford and steadfastly shielded Romelu Lukaku from criticism. He demanded more of Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Luke Shaw, and Anthony Martial. Sometimes he singled out players, others the full squad received the wrath of a manager disappointed with his team’s performance.


Ultimately what matters in Mourinho’s eyes are player performances on the pitch. And who can contest him on that? Yet he still shows faith in his players.

From that ominous April 2017 press conference when Jose criticized Luke Shaw to today, January 2018, we hear something only a confident manager can express: “You like the transfer market, I can say that in this moment I don’t see many left-backs better than this Luke Shaw.”

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