Former Arsenal Player Theo Walcott on Everton Future and Ambitions

In a £20 mil move from Arsenal to Everton F.C. Theo Walcott has joined The Toffees following Cenk Tosun’s recent arrival to Goodison Park, and building on Wayne Rooney’s addition last season.

Newly appointed manager Sam Allardyce took little time signing new players and reinforcing a team that has eluded a Top 4 spot in the Premier League for quite sometime.

Club and fans make no secret their desire to take Goodison Park to the next level. 28 year-old Walcott repeated that vision in his press conference alongside his former England manager Allardyce.

The reunion between coach and player is a positive change for a talent who debuted in the 2006 World Cup at the tender age of 16. England was brimming with excitement over the selection of the youngster into the National squad despite appearing only 13 times the previous season.

Since then Walcott has gone on a 12 year long career with Arsenal. He described severing ties with his old club in favor of one with “vision” and “future” and “ambition” as “emotional.”

Statements like these speak volume coming from a player who still has much to offer, and resonates with pundits who decried Arsenal coaches’ inability to further develop and hone the skills and techniques of a prodigy. Rio Ferdinand of BT Sport, and former Manchester United legend, has criticized the failure of Arsenal to mature and expand Walcott’s tactical understanding of the beautiful game.

What we know from the press conference at Goodison Park is Walcott’s undiminished hunger for trophies and playing at soccer’s top level.

Evertonians should feel proud their club’s attraction of top quality English players at a time when youth academies look outside national borders for prodigies to the detriment of homegrown talent development.

That Everton is signing top level managers and players under ownership of Farhad Moshiri who stated wages pose no financial “problems”  marks a new chapter in the history of the Meyerside club…



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