Arsenal F.C. in Tatters with Alexis Sanchez & Theo Walcott Departures

Skysports News just confirmed Theo Walcott will be an Angry Birds player for a bargain price tag of £20 million within 48 hours.

Theo Walcott is scheduled for

a medical at the Meyerside as early as this evening or tomorrow.

The 28 year old is ready to end his decade long association with Arsenal in favor of “reigniting [his] career.”

Arsenal is hemorrhaging quality players in both Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott with a year and half remaining in what could be Arsene Wenger’s last stints at The Etihad Stadium.

The 2018 Premier League transfer window could memorialize the decline of Arsenal or the beginning of something special.

What is certain is the dismay the club’s fans voiced daily on Arsenl Fan TV over Wenger’s performances as manager and the owners’ lack of vision in a post-Arsene or post-Wenger future.

Opposition fans will say The Gooners are imploding. How the club’s own supporters will react is a drama the next few days to unravel.

Troopz, D.T., and Robby of Arsenal Fan TV will hav reasons to voice disappointment!
Picture courtesy: GettyImages

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