You Won’t Believe What Jamie Carragher Said about Alexis Sanchez!

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher had a heated debate on yesterday’s Monday Night Football segment over City’s reluctance to pursue their target player: Alexis Sanchez.

Gary Neville asked why Manchester City were not willing to pay Sanchez approx £100 mil worthy of the Chilean’s services.

Manchester City have tried to rival Manchester United  in the transfer market “toe-for-toe” in the past.

Neville, the former Manchester United and Class of ’92 legend, weighed City’s willingness to pay £60 mil to right-back Kyle Walker against their reluctance to remunerate Sanchez upwards of £100 mil in today’s market.

Traditionally forwards and attackers cost more than defensive players, so Manchester City’s position in today’s transfer market lacks economic logic.

Jamie Carragher, the former Liverpool player, made the case for City stating Sanchez “shook hands on a deal” that everyone thought was a breeze whisking the Arsenal player to the Etihad Stadium.

Carragher’s next statement is surely controversial:” The reason they [Arsenal] are trying to get rid of him is because he’s a cancer in the dressing room.”

The statement might sit well with some who believe Arsenal should not sell to Manchester United, or the likes of Carragher who naively think football deals are concluded over a handshake when the Premier League transfer window deadline is 16 days away.

Arsenal fans have been unanimous in their praise towards Alexis Sanchez for his consistent standout performances this season.

Arsenal fans contradict Carragher’s view that he’s a cancer in the dressing room. The malaise the Club has been experiencing boiled over in the Gooners 4-2 loss to Championship side Norwich Forest in the FA Cup third round. Alexis Sanchez, along with Olivier Giroux, Mesut Ozil, and most other starting IX payers were not even selected to the bench and instead given a rest by Wenger.

Carragher cannot be excused for referring to Sanchez as a “cancer” when Arsenal fans, and Alexis’ match performances, prove he was professional through and through.


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