Why Alexis Sanchez will sign for Manchester United over Manchester City

The football world is abuzz with rumors of Manchester United hijacking yet another Premier League deal

in a span of months.

This time to none other than their rivals Manchester City.

Dimarzio first reported the rumor on his twitter feed.

Since then media outlets including SkySports, The Sun, The Daily, The Telegraph, BBC reported the potential veracity of the claim. Youtube Fan Channels Fulltime Devils and The United Stand joined the debate. The United Stand’s Mark Goldbridge claimed – based on a text message from a source – Sanchez’s move to United is “defo” [definitive].

Graeme Souness, Rio Ferdinand, Alan Shearer, along with others, believe Sanchez will sign for City or should sign for City.

Reasons for Sanchez leaving Arsenal for City range from Pep Guardiola being a better manager than Jose Mourinho, to Mourinho’s United not a great fit for Sanchez’s style of play.

That’s hogwash.


Here is why Sanchez might prove the critics wrong.

Mourinho has left the #7 shirt vacant. After last summer’s Griezmann speculations not materializing, the manager did not rush knighting anyone with the legendary number.

At Manchester City the #7 shirt already belongs to Sterling. Guardiola handing the #7 over to Sanchez is hardly imaginable. Pep cannot afford the disturbing the confidence and momentum of his squad.

What’s difficult to swallow is Sanchez, at 29, being degraded to another number incommensurate to his talents and scarily consistent performances at Arsenal. There is no choice between reuniting with Guardiola who managed Alexis for one season and wearing a different shirt #.

Alexis Sanchez is a # 7.

In his pre-match conference against Arsenal Jose said he defends with 11 and attacks with 11. Sanchez fits the bill of a hardworking player that drops to defend and win the ball for transitions and attacks.

Sanchez is an aggressive and creative player, with great technical abilities, scoring instincts, vision, and hard work. He is the only player that consistently performed for Arsenal since the beginning of the season. As a creative player he penetrates defensive lines confidently and sets up players with goal scoring opportunities.

Aggressively, Alexis Sanchez drops to center half to defend against counterattacks, winning the ball and launching a counter to the counter.

Sanchez does not give up and that resonates with Mourinho’s work ethic. Recently in another press conference he was asked about Lukaku. Mourinho said Lukaku was a “professional” but cannot give him “rest” because of his importance to the team.

Manchester United are currently lacking the player that connects Matic, Herrera, Mata, and Pogba to the forwards: Lukaku, Rashford, Martial, and Lingard.

What’s important for Manchester United right now is a # 7 with “phenomenal” attributes. Sanchez fits the bill. United’s move is not surprising, and Sanchez can be a perfect match for the team.

Let’s hope the deal goes through!

Picture courtesy The Guardian

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