SkySports Breaking News: Manchester City Ends Interest in Alexis Sanchez

SkySports just confirmed their understanding that “Manchester City have ended their interest in signing Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal because the cost of the deal has become too expensive.”

This is serious development in the transfer sage that’s become a ménage a trois between the league’s biggest clubs: Manchester City, Arsenal, and Manchester United.

If the confirmation suggests the possible signing of Alexis Sanchez by Manchester United, it will be the second time the massively supported club outmuscles another Top Six club.

In Summer 2017, Manchester United submitted a last minute offer to Everton F.C. in exchange for Lukaku at 75 million pounds. Club legend Wayne Rooney was structured into the deal.


Today, the speculations over yet another deal including a player – Henrikh Mkhitaryan – indicates Manchester United’s willingness to put together attractive business signing and transfer packages.

“Sign and Transfer” appears to be United’s business strategy to getting deals done.

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