Mourinho’s Manchester finally United

Today – doubtlessly & assuradely – Pogba & Zlatan showcased the missing elements in what is Manchester United’s best team of the season and definitively since Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

Pogba had a slow start. Newcastle United pressed high and fast since the opening whistle resulting in a well-deserved counterattacking goal backtracking the home team into a dis-easing deficit. Trailing & pressured, it took United 20 minutes to warm up then another 10 for the players to connect their passes then moments to generate enough momentum to – as Mourinho said – let the horses run free.

Today’s match testifies Mourinho’s managerial brilliance. For 2 months he avoided speaking about injured players. He confided and trusted those on his active roster. Critics, pundits, haters, and even fans railed against the teams he put out. Getting results is his objective. Players he selected have been called up with this aim in my mind and practice. Mourinho was not given the time or the benefit of doubt Pochettino and Klopp received despite their empty cabinets and his silverware feats with Manchester United in his first season.

Mourinho is the manager to be trusted by the Old Trafford faithful in moments of crisis and otherwise. Mourinho is the companion fans should say ‘I do’ to unreservedly, support unconditionally, rally behind wholeheartedly.

Mourinho puts faith in players that give it all. He was all jolliness and glee in both yesterday and today’s post-match pressers. He missed Pogba & Zlatan & Rojo. He missed Pogba & Zlatan above all. Pogba & Zlatan proved, beyond doubt, their unquantifiable worth, in a footballing world where wealthy sheikhs throw money lavishly prostituting the integrity of the beautiful game for profit returns.

Pogba – thank you. Zlatan – thank you. Mourinho – thank you. Old Trafford – thank you.

Manchester United – thank you for an electrifying 4-1 triumph.

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