Effort : the Stuff of Talent

Talent owes effort.

Talent is nothing more than effort realized into the penultimate form of its expression.

Effort possesses potential and possibility to become Talent. Potential and realization endure severed from one another unless otherwise linked in ways enabling effort to become talent.

Does poverty realize talent? Does wealth realize talent? Does the mix of rags and riches realize talent? Does their absence realize talent?

Talent cannot be attributed to singularity, combination, or non-existence of such factors.

Talent is realized by effort enabled by conditions and struggles against conditions. Effort that fulfills the maximum potential of permissions or one that overcomes the direness of hindrances is the beginning of that form of expression called Talent.

Effort alone produces no talent, and Talent without effort is no talent.

Talent can express itself effortlessly or after much effort. The duration between exertion of Effort and realization of Talent may be short, or long, or timeless.

If Talent is not something unattainable because it was a gift of an accidental birth. If Talent is not an innateness elevating the intelligent and debasing the unintelligent. If Talent is not intelligence-by-dna. Then:

Talent cannot and should not be denied the respect and appreciation it deserves for it is expression of effort.

Talent cannot be allowed to overextend the respect and appreciation granted it when its expression debases the very stuff of its realization: Effort.

Effort is not Talent. Talent is not Effort. There is no Talent without Effort. Effort begins Talent.

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